ANNOUNCEMENT! East/West: Journal of Ukrainian Studies

Oleh S. Ilnytzkyj, editor-in-chief of East/West: Journal of Ukrainian Studies invites contributors and readers of Current Politics in Ukraine to consider the new journal as a publication venue for their research.

East/West: Journal of Ukrainian Studies is a scholarly, peer-reviewed, online periodical, dedicated to publishing original research articles, reviews and review articles.

EW:JUS encourages submission in English of previously unpublished work by academics, graduate students, and policymakers. The journal welcomes thematic issues by guest editors and original scholarship presented at conferences; it is open to sponsoring online forums for scholarly debates and exchanges. The journal accepts research that incorporates web technologies and multimedia (e.g., audio and visual materials). The focus and themes of the journal include, but are not limited, to the following: Ukraine and its neighbors; Ukrainian humanities and social sciences in a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective; the Early Modern, Modern, and Contemporary periods; cultural geography and geopolitics; empires, regions, borders and borderlands; dominant and subordinate cultures; collective identities, gender, multiculturalism, nationalism; and the sociocultural foundations of modernization.

Peer Review Process: Overview

EW:JUS accepts for review previously unpublished manuscripts, written in English, that are not under consideration by another journal.

(Note: Authors may submit articles in other languages but only for purposes of initial evaluation and feedback. If an article is deemed suitable by the editor, the author will be required to submit the manuscript in English for the formal peer review process).

The editor and/or the editorial board are the initial reviewers of articles; they make a preliminary judgment about the appropriateness of the article for the journal, the quality and clarity of the text and check for adherence to the journal’s stylistic, bibliographic and formatting criteria (see Submissions). Submissions that do not meet these basic standards will be rejected.

Articles that pass the initial screening undergo a double blind review process by outside reviewers selected by the editor and/or the editorial board. Referees are scholars with known reputations and expertise in the same field as the submitting author. They are invited to review the article by being sent the title and abstract; on agreeing, they receive access to the full text with the author’s name removed.

Referees write an assessment, recommending acceptance or not. An article must receive at least two positive reviews to be published. In some cases, e.g., if the assessment is vague or noncommittal, the opinion of another referee will be sought.

Authors receive copies of all the anonymous written appraisals and are required to address any deficiencies. Manuscripts that show promise but are not ready for publication are returned to the author for further work and are then subject to a second review.

Normally, peer reviews take between 1 and 3 months, depending on the availability of appropriate referees.


EW:JUS will be published twice a year, but individual articles and reviews may appear as soon as they are ready.

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Distinguished University Professor, University of Alberta

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