Update: Who is behind the leaked protocol on Russian-Ukrainian energy trade? The Ekonomichna Pravda version.

On June 7, Ekonomichna Pravda (EP), the business spin-off of Ukrains’ka Pravda, published an article entitled “Gas Subversion,” which seeks to refute most of the claims made in the Glavred piece discussed in our previous posting. While confirming the authenticity of the leaked document, citing some anonymous insider sources from the Naftogaz of Ukraine, the EP journalist disputes the main message of the Glavred article – namely, that the Ukrainian authorities are about to make serious concessions to Moscow, bringing the country’s energy system under control of the Kremlin.

Oleksandr Tretyakov He argues that the provisions entailed in the protocol are in fact advantageous to Ukraine, thereby making it unlikely that the Russian side would accept them. Thus, the author infers, the leak was organized by those political forces that wish to weaken Ukraine’s standings in the upcoming negotiations with Gazprom in order to take over control over the energy sector themselves. The author points out that Glavred belongs to Oleksandr Tretyakov.
Mr. Tretyakov, a former aide to president Yushchenko, who used to be known as a member of the “dear friends circle” (lubi druzi) within the president’s entourage, became one of the deputies of the head of Our Ukraine campaign headquarters on April 5, 2007. In 2005, Tretyakov was accused of corruption and trying to control the gas business in Ukraine by the former presidential chief of staff Oleksandr Zinchenko.

(Oleksandr Tretyakov.
Source: Bez Tsensury)



Distinguished University Professor, University of Alberta

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